Celine name meaning & origin


Everything about the name, Celine / Selin

The name Celine has different meanings in different languages. That’s why this beautiful name considered as an international girl name. Céline, A name that’s used in different cultures, from east to the west.

مشاهده این مطلب به زبان فارسی: اسم سلین

Celine Roots and Origin

Celine has Turkish as well as French roots. The Turkish language in Turkey has a lot in common with the Turkish language in Iran (East and West Azerbaijan provinces). It’s better to say that Celine is a French female first name of Latin origin. Most of the names used in Western countries (such as Europe and America) have Latin roots. In Iran, the name Celine is considered as a Turkish name as well as an international female name. Its’ equivalent in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese is Celina.

Celine meaning in different roots

  • In Turkish, Celine (Selin سلین) means flowing water, flood.
  • In Latin and also French, Celine means heaven, heavenly.

Celine / Céline name popularity

Since 2007 the name Celine start to get more and more popular in US. This pretty name is also popular in Iran, these days. As we see in Name polls held on our Instagram page Celine (Selin) is always as one of the couples’ choices for their baby girl. Some say that when Celine Dion (singer) rose to global fame, the name Celine became more popular around the world.

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Celine meaning
Celine name meaning

How to write Celine’s name in Persian

Celine is written like this in Farsi: “سلین”.

Celine name
اسم سلین معنی و فراوانی در ثبت احوال

Celine name meaning in arabic

In Arabic is also is written: “سلین”. Just like Persian.

Celine name meaning french

As we mentioned, Céline means Heaven in French.

Celine name spelling

Celnie (Céline) C E L I N E is the spelling of Celien.

Celine name variations

Céline in French and Celina in Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

Céline name meaning in Islam!?

Certainly Islam is not a language, which some friends asked about the meaning of Celine’s name in Islam. This name does not appear in the Quran either. And Celine does not have meaning in Islam or Arabic.

Céline name pronunciation

The pronunciation of Celine’s name is clear: /Selin/.

Your opinion about Celine’s name

What do you think about the name Celine? Do you like this name? write your opinion about this name in the comment section below.


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