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Everything about the name, Hannah / Hanna

The name Hannah has different meanings in different languages. That’s why this beautiful name considers an international girl name. A name that’s used in different cultures, from east to west.

مشاهده این مطلب به زبان فارسی: اسم هانا

Hannah Roots and Origin

Hannah has Kurdish, Lori, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Hawaian and also Albanian root. In Kurdish & Lori it means Hope , desire, shelter, breath and also shout. These two languages are spoken in Iran. Kurdish is spoken in Iraq and Turkey too.

Hannah meaning in different roots

  • In Kurdish & Lori Hanna “هانا” means shelter, hope, breath and shout.
  • In Hebrew Hanna means attention, mercy, goodness as well as beauty, grace and forgiveness.
  • Hanna in Japanese is the name of a flower.
  • In Korean Hanna means number one.
  • In Hawaiian Hanna means indusrty  and work.
  • Hanna In Arabic “حانا” means Eager & Hopeful.
  • In Abanian Hanna means moon.

Hannah / Hanna name popularity

As you see Hanna has different meanings in different language, and it makes this beautiful name popular all around the world, from Iran to Japan and Hawaii.

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اسم هانا به انگلیسی
Hannah name

How to write Hannah’s name in Persian

Hannah in Persian is written: “هانا”.

معنی هانا

Hannah in cuneiform

اسم هانا به خط میخی
Hannah name in cuneiform

Hanna name meaning in Islam!?

Certainly Islam is not a language, which some friends asked about the meaning of Hannah’s name in Islam. This name does not appear in the Quran either. But Hannah in Arabic, as we have said, means hopeful and eager.

hanna name pronunciation

The pronunciation of Hannah’s name is clear

Johanna name meaning

Some sources believe that the name Hanna is derived from the name Johanna.

Your opinion about Hannah’s name

What do you think about the name Hanna? Do you like this name? write your opinion about this name in the comment section below.


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